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Alex Calder

Interview — Dani Klemes
Photography — Charlotte Robin


Not to be confused with American sculptor of the same name, Alex Calder of Edmonton, Alberta, started his career in Vancouver playing alongside Mac Demarco in the pop-rock duo Makeout Videotape. Since then, Calder has joined the ranks of Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks and for the past few years has been releasing solo projects under both his name and the moniker Mold Boy.

Hello Alex! How are you today?

I’m doing well, aside from the stomachache I’ve got. Too much Mexican food. 

When in Los Angeles! So, Mold Boy started out as a side project but all of your projects started to overlap. When you make music under these different aliases, do you try to keep them as separate entities? 

Well yeah, that’s what I tried to do with Mold Boy. I wanted to make an anonymous thing and make different music but it ended up all blending together.


Besides your musical endeavors, you’ve had a fair amount of odd jobs—among them including dishwashing and working in retail. What did you do at American Apparel when your boss thought you were working? 

I’ve worked at about four American Apparels and they’ve all been such easy jobs. I would go on my computer a ton and play SimAnt, which is like SimCity but you get to build ant colonies. I played that for hours and hours. 

What else do you do in your free time? 

I play a lot of poker. It started as a joke hobby and now I have huge poker nights with everyone I know in Montreal. It used to be something to laugh with friends about but now it’s super competitive, it’s straight up gambling now.


What is Alex Calder's relationship with the Internet? It’s gone from music promotion to personal statuses to crafty hacking.

I think the Internet is such a complete joke that I can’t imagine how people take it seriously. I guess you have to, though, it’s the modern age. I think I came into a generation where everything was just a joke. Get Facebook as a joke, get Instagram as a joke. There are people who are serious and professional with all this stuff. I can’t even think like that.


What’s your next Instagram rampage? At this point, you’ve been banned at least four times. 

I have seven Instagram accounts so I probably won’t do anything else on that platform. I have some friends who write Yelp reviews and that’s all they do so maybe I could get in on that.

How would you change social media and transform it into something more productive?

I don’t know that I would make it more productive. I have friends who don’t use the Internet and are the happiest people I know. They don’t use computers, they just go for walks. Maybe I’ll start doing that.