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Colleen Green

Interview — Mohamed Sqalli
Photography — Jean-Baptiste Sinniger


Colleen Green is the kind of girl you always dreamed of going out with when you were a teenager. Her sugary Blink 182 inspired songs address topics as complex and sinuous as boyfriends, loneliness and TV. Yet, there is a naive and cathartic charm to them that instantly makes you respond to their appeal.

What do you like in Europe that you can’t find in the US? Except decency of course. 

The food here is way better. The jam for example.

Are you still afraid of European people being mean to you?

I’m afraid of everybody being mean. Last time in Germany, a guy told me I shouldn’t use a drum machine anymore.


It’s been a year now that you released your album Sock It To Me. How do you deal with international fame and recognition?

I don’t, because I don’t think anybody knows me. Nobody stopped in the street yet, but it must be because of my sunglasses. But well, people that are at the shows know who I am. 

Did this album change something in your life?

Yeah, it’s maybe easier to get shows now. Other bands ask me to play shows with them more and more.

If you were your own publicist, how would you describe your music to someone who doesn’t know you yet?

I am my own publicist! So I usually just tell them it sounds like the Ramones with a drum machine. It’s the simplest answer I could get. Everybody knows the Ramones.

Can you tell us about the circumstances in which you made your latest album?

Most of it was written in Los Angeles. I had a boyfriend who lived in Massachusetts, which the farthest away you could possibly get. So that was a big thing that was happening in my life. Trying to make that work. But well, it didn’t work out, long distance relationships are really hard. I was happy but I was sad too, and it’s something you could find in Only One.


How is it to tour with EMA, an artist whose background is radically different than yours?

Touring with them is really fun. Everybody’s really nice and cool. The fans have always been good, but there’ve been a couple of shows that have been really well received. People came up and wanted to talk to me and buy stuff. But most of the shows, I understand people are here to see EMA.

Are you truly a romantic person or are you ironic all the time?

No, I’m a true romantic.

Britney Spears, an American philosopher, said, “loneliness is killing me”. Apparently, you don’t subscribe to this idea… You don’t care about being lonely.

I do care about it but it’s not killing me. Being alone is something that makes you think about yourself and the people in your life. If I weren’t lonely, I would be a different person. And my music too.

Yeah, I’m sure your music would consist in happy joyful tunes for all the family. Are you going to lose your innocence album after album like all the others before you?

Actually I’m about to finish the writing of my next album. And, no, I have not lost my innocence. It’s still here.

Is there a mainstream artist you’d like to contribute to your next album?

Yeah, Akon. He’s so good. I’d love him to produce for me. I looooooove Akon.


It’s so sugary. Do you like a song in particular? 

I don’t know. His album Freedom is really good. The first 7 or 8 songs are like … PERFECT! The last 3 are just garbage. I’d love him to write a song for me or produce one. Or just make a dance beat for me.

So there’s maybe a chance to see Colleen Green someday at the half-time of the Superbowl…

Yeah… maybe! Who knows?

Is there a question you always expect people to ask you, but is never asked?

You know, I don’t really need to tell anyone anything.  (laughs)

I don’t know, I could ask you about your favorite fragrance…

(Laughs) I like jasmine. That is a really good scent.

In the happy and multiethnic family that is the Green family, who do you most feel close to? Adam Green, Al Green, Micky Green, Liz Green or Cee-Lo Green?

Oh my God. I don’t know who Micky Green is. But I would say Al Green.

Really? I’d have expected you to pick Adam Green. And he’s preparing a musical of Aladdin.

I never listened to his music really. Plus, I don’t like musicals. (laughs)